We dig deep to uncover roadblocks to success in sustainability performance

We look at the whole system – including the organization, the teams, and the context in which you’re operating – to identify and remove or manage the roadblocks to effective social, environmental, and health performance.

Integrated risk-management services

We use an integrated risk-management approach to create solutions that help strengthen organizations. In a complex world where business, community and nature are interlinked, and continually changing; success is about adaptive change to develop resiliency, which is key to sustainability.

Combined 45 years of experience providing integrated environmental, social and health solutions across sectors

We draw on our whole-systems thinking, facilitation and engagement skills to co-create solutions with your teams that support and build capacity for successful implementation. Our emphasis is on delivering a process that will help clients make a step-change in their performance.

Facilitating engagement and valuing diversity

We draw on our diverse backgrounds, life experiences, cultures, and languages, which give us the unique ability to bridge divergent ways of thinking. This results in increased trust and communication within organizations and between companies, communities, government and civil society.

Process conscious and results driven

We deliver effective results by helping organizations define what success looks like for their environmental, social and health programs. We draw on our extensive experience in monitoring, evaluation, and KPI development to ensure your programs stay on track and meet your vision of success.

Uniquely qualified to achieve consensus

We have extensive experience facilitating engagement, communication and collaborative solutions between indigenous / local communities and companies.

Meet Our Founders

Tania Barron - The Terron Group

Tania Barron

Tania has over 15 years of consulting experience leading social and community health risk management processes for complex projects across business sectors and global regions. She draws on her engagement, facilitation and bi-cultural/bilingual background to develop processes that help teams within and across organizations, and across global regions, to work effectively towards common goals. She has conducted numerous trainings, due diligence and audits, and has led over 20 health impact assessments (HIAs) and over 30 stakeholder and social assessments (SIA) following Equator Principle and IFC Performance Standards. Ms. Barron has a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University; is a Fulbright Scholar and is a member of Phi Betta Kappa Honor society.

Laura Tesch - The Terron Group

Laura Tesch

Laura is an accomplished consultant with over 25 years of experience leading complex environmental, health & safety, and social projects in commercial, nonprofit, and governmental and tribal sectors. She is a skilled negotiator, an effective communicator, and adept at leading multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams and building consensus; while encouraging a collaborative process. She has bachelors of science degrees in Biology and Medical Technology, and certificates in Biomimicry, Sustainability and Leadership Training.

Laura is an enrolled member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians and uses her native perspective for problem-solving.

Terron Group Network Associates

Extraordinary Associates

We work with a team of other extraordinary people with a wide breadth of experience and technical skills.  Our passion to deliver quality, integrated risk management services while also remaining true to our core values and beliefs, is reflected in the team of professionals we work with.

Skills and experience of our associates include:

  • Business Analytics
  • Social and Cultural Engagement
  • Sustainable Watershed Management
  • Impact Assessment
  • Social/Health Baselines and Surveys
  • Project Management
  • Audits and Due Diligence

The Terron Group Core Values

There is nothing more powerful and gratifying than to show up and engage as you.

We do what we say, say what we do.

With respect for ourselves, for others and for process, real conversation and engagement can take place.

Safety and Wellbeing
We take care of ourselves and our communities to promote healthy and happy lives.

We take pride in delivering the best.

Because we know that All voices matter.